Cupping therapy is not as new as it appears to be right now. It dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, European, American, African and Middle Eastern cultures.

Today cupping known is as an Inverted Massage and it is used widely in Physical therapy, massage, and TCM doctor offices. Some Medical insurances even cover cupping as a legible treatment for pains and physical rehabilitation. Cupping is also used in sports medicine all over the world.

Cupping provides a feeling of relief from physical and emotional tensions, begins the healing and regeneration process- the exchange of blood allows the removal of toxins and dead cells, enhances circulation, softens tissues to regain elasticity, reduces inflammation.


In San Diego, only our clinic provides so many different cupping styles and types. These include: Herbal bamboo cupping, Fire Dragon cupping,  Electric cupping, Magnetic cupping, Ice cupping, Vibrating cupping with heat, Myofascial decompression (MFD), Facial cupping massage, Cupping detox, Immunity boost protocol (also known as Chinese Medicine flu shot), Full body cupping massage and much more!


HERBAL BAMBOO CUPPING- bamboo cups soaked in herbal hot decoction for warming up muscles, expelling cold and relaxation. Indications: pains and aches due to  cold/wind exposure, achy painful joints.


FIRE DRAGON CUPPING- combination of moxibustion and vacuum therapy: helps to chase the cold out of your body.




ELECTRIC CUPPING- vacuum therapy and electric stimulation in one.

Indications: muscle tension and pain.




MAGNETIC ACUPRESSURE CUPPING- combination of vacuum therapy and acupressure. 

Great for needle-sensitive patients and kids.




Indications: acute pains/sprains/strains.





Vacuum therapy with vibration and heat. Great for sciatica pains. Lifts connective tissue, improves blood circulation , firms and tone the skin, has lifting effect.


MYOFASCIAL DECOMPRESSION (MFD)- is a novel approach to manual therapy that combines cupping with evidence-based movement science principles in orthopedics and sports medicine. MFD focus on the efficiency of motion.


CELLULITE VACUUM THERAPY: Combination of Infra Red heat and the Vacuum massage breaks up cellulite, drains excessive fluids, reduce fat pockets, and smooth the skin.