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Eastern medicine in San Diego

Explore the soothing benefits of gentle acupuncture, a variety of cupping techniques, herbal body wraps, moxa and heat therapy, all tailored to your individual needs.

At our Chinese medicine clinic, we take pride in offering a diverse range of treatments that cater to your unique requirements and expectations.

Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, stress reduction, or aiming for overall wellness, our dedicated team is here to support you on your journey to better health and vitality.
Immerse yourself in the time-honored healing traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine with us.

Schedule your appointment today and begin your transformative journey towards holistic well-being! Personal and family savings plans are available for your convenience.

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Chinese medicine in San Diego


Dr. Lana Kouzko


Dr. Lana Kouzko is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as well as a Licensed Herbalist. 

Raised in the Far East of Russia, bordering the Heilongjiang province of China, Lana graduated from Amur State University of Humanities with a Master’s degree in Biology and Natural Science, initially pursuing a career as a biologist.

Driven by her fascination with the effects of acupuncture and herbal medicine on the human body, Lana embarked on a new path. She enrolled at the College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, where she earned dual Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Chinese Medicine and Herbology.

With over 14 years of medical experience, Dr. Lana has served at esteemed institutions such as the Children’s Clinical Hospital and Amur Regional Clinical Hospital in the Russian Federation, as well as the UCSD RIMAC Clinic and Veteran’s Clinic in San Diego.

Dr. Lana completed her internship at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Clinic in San Diego, California, further enriching her expertise in holistic healthcare.

Dr. Lana is a CEU provider and educator, offering group and private courses on Traditional Chinese Medicine for practitioners, patients, and anyone interested in Eastern Medicine.

We offer

our services

Auricular Therapy

Auriculotherapy, is a form of acupuncture that focuses on stimulating specific points on the external ear.

For this type of treatment pressure point stimulating patches or micro-needles used.

Great for morning/motion sickness, weight loss and appetite control, insomnia, anxiety, stress and pains.

We use NADA auricular protocol for alcohol and tobacco addiction.


We specialize in apparat cupping massage.

In addition to our acupuncture and cupping sessions, we can add Samurai, Shiatsu, Hot stone, Gua Sha, Vacuum cupping, or Tui Na massage at no charge.

Infrared Heat And Moxa

Moxibustion and infrared heat are therapeutic methods used in traditional Chinese medicine and are often used in conjunction with acupuncture.

It is commonly used for various conditions such as infertility, indigestion, and colds.

Additionally, moxibustion and infrared heat therapy are beneficial for post-traumatic recovery, boosting immunity, alleviating arthritis symptoms, and addressing pain in frozen shoulder and joints.


MediCupping utilizes advanced gradual decompression machines that offer customizable settings for strength, pulsation, and vibration. It is highly effective for targeting tense, tight, and painful muscles.

It not only helps alleviate painful trigger points and adhesions but also aids in restoring muscles and fascia, leading to faster healing of soft tissue dysfunction.

MediCupping often recommended by plastic surgeons before liposuction procedure to treat lipedema.

Happy Clients
Best Deals



• Buy 5 sessions for $450 ($90 /session) and save $200

• Buy 10 sessions for $800 ($80/session) and save $500


• Buy 5 sessions for $750 ($150/session) and save $150.

• Buy 10 sessions for $1300 ($130/session) and save $500


• Buy 5 sessions for $600 ($120/session) and save $200

• Buy 10 sessions for $1000 ($100/session) and save $600


• Buy 5 sessions for $400 ($80/session) and save $150

• Buy 10 sessions for $700 ($70/session) and save $400


• Buy 5 sessions for $800 ($160/session) and save $300

• Buy 10 sessions for $1400 ($140/session) and save $800


• Buy 5 sessions for $500 ($100 /session) and save $200

• Buy 10 sessions for $900 ($90/session) and save $500


What People Say About Us

Lana Kouzko has changed my life!!!! I was extremely stressed one month ago, and through her treatments my mind and body have been transformed. I am extremely grateful for her help. I am a permanent patient of hers. Thank you Lana.

Don Henely

Bird Rock, San Diego, CA

I was impressed with knowledge and attention to details of the doctor. I don’t believe “they make doctors like this” anymore. Very thoughtful and in depth appointment followed with multiple treatments that helped tremendously. I sure am a fan from now on.

Mike Sag


Dr. Lana is awesome. I have had neuropathy (numbness in my toes) for years. Medical doctors (and internet sites) told me nothing could be done (except to take pain medicine). 

After the first treatment from Dr. Lana the numbness significantly lessened. It is a “miracle”. I signed up for 10 treatments right away and am so grateful to the improvement I am experiencing.  

Thank you, Dr. Lana! 

Marty Weiss

Clinic Patient

Dr.Lana has been helping me with my End Stage Kidney Disease; she wonderfully strengthens my kidneys. My BUN has come down from 69 to 44. And most important of all is my stubbon creatinine dropped from 10.3 to 7.9!  

My GFR was 4 when I started the treatment with Dr.Lana. This week it moved up to 5!  

Moreover, I was having so low BP under 80/50 mmHg. I passed out often and couldn’t stand or walk longer than 15 minutes. After 2 weeks of Dr.Lana’s treatment, my BP has been 105/64 – 120/78 mmHg. Now I am back to do my chores, walking, driving , and enjoying my life again. 

Dr.Lana is extremely knowledgeable and she is really really care about my health. She is the true doctor and rare gem indeed! 

P. Kim

San Diego

I suffer from high blood pressure, and I was greatly impressed by the effectiveness of acupuncture in lowering it. After a 30 minute treatment by Lana my pressure goes down 15-25 points for 3-5 days. With two treatments a week I may be able to drop some of my medications. It is also a convenient location for me, and they offer a variety treatments for back pain and other conditions that I’m going to try.

Dmitry R.

San Diego

Tried cupping and moxa with Lana for lower back pain and tendonitis- sympthoms improved after first session. As an engineer I am not a great supporter of alternative medicine but in this particular case my experience was good. Physical therapy I was sent ty by my pcp did not have nearly same effect.

Sam G


Lana is an absolute miracle healer. She doesn’t just do acupuncture …she has so many healing tools and techniques that truly work! I do not ever leave reviews but had to leave one for her. There are so many people who work in this area of medicine and I’ve seen a bunch of them having dealt with chronic pain for a while. Lana is the best, you wont be disappointed!

Kristi N.

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I came to Dr. Lana with a very strong pain in the back that I contracted due to a “wrong move” at home (simultaneously turning right and bending forward). I consulted with a couple of other physical therapists and chiropractors and they suggested some exercises and pain relief medication but had not addresses the acute problem. Unlike them, Dr. Lana treated me using several techniques such as acupuncture, cupping, moxa and fixed the acuteness of the problem in one visit. I came to her walking “semi-vertically” and left the office in about 1.5 hour walking fully vertically and with much reduced pain. Prior to the visit I was very skeptical about Chinese Medicine treatment and decided to try it just out of my urgent need. Surprisingly, I left the office being converted into a believer in acupuncture and other techniques that Dr. Lana uses. I am very grateful to her for fixing my problem quickly and very economically which is another pleasant feature of the treatment.

Leo K.

Thanks Dr. Lana for helping me! I had a very big problem with my back . Three month ago I hurt my back. I spent lot’s of money on chiropractors and massage therapists but they couldn’t completely solve my problem. Then I decide to ask for help Dr. Lana and I wasn’t mistaken. After the first procedure it became much easier for me. After two week I became a new person and I can live without pain again. Thank you, Dr. Lana very much and good luck!

Anatolijus Ignatjevas

Lana is very knowledgeable holistic doctor. She has a variety of techniques to approach pretty much any health issue. Her methods really work and are a great substitute to over counter medications. I also very much enjoyed her workshops where Lana teaches some of those methods. Last one was on cupping and sure thing, I’ve been “torturing” my husband with cupping massage since. It is fairly easy and effective. Lana has several medical degrees (Many diplomas on her wall) and a lot of experience! Very glad I met her.

Natasha Krasovskaya

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