Chinese medicine has nearly 100 000 multi-herb formulas, but today we use approximately 350.



All herbs that we have in our clinic are high quality and coming from the best and well trusted growers in China and US.

The current state of Chinese medicine is based upon testing, experience and massive practice on the human body over the thousands of years. One of the main differences between western medicine and Chinese medicine is that the medications prescribed by western medicine have only been tested for a very short time-period and in some cases only tested on lab animals.

You should never attempt herbal treatment (do not buy formulas on Amazon or other herbal suppliers on your own) without proper training as some of the herbs are toxic and need to be prepared correctly and others can have side-effects without being used in proper amounts and/or mixed properly into appropriate formulas. Some herbs have antagonistic effects with certain medications or food. Just remember: herbs could be dangerous in wrong hands.



Boost Immunity and prevent seasonal viral diseases

Decrease cold/flu symptoms

Increase your energy

Improve your breathing

Improve your memory

Improve digestion

Decrease pain

Improve menopausal symptoms


Please note: never share yours prescribed formulas with somebody else even if you have the same symptoms or disease! As safe as Chinese herbs are, consuming too much of some herbs can have a toxic effect.