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Cosmetic (Facial) acupuncture and microneedling offer a holistic approach for individuals seeking

If you feel tired, drained, you don’t sleep well, or you’re being exposed to chemicals or RX medications, you should try our detox program.This program is a combination of herbal formulas, lymphatic massage, cupping, and acupuncture to help you to recover quickly and naturally.
We offer 30 min sessions and 60 min full body detox.
Discount packages available.

Reduce and minimize cellulite appearance! We offer 60 min sessions with Thai wood massage, Medi-cupping lymphatic massage, and Brazilian lift.
90 min sessions includes Algascrub and warming seaweed wrap. 8-10 sessions recommended.

In our clinic, we utilize therapeutic herbal and moxibustion volcanic mud wraps to help relieve painful joints, tendons, and muscles.
Formulated with a variety of natural herbs, it offers a safe and healthy way to reduce inflammation and pain, restore range of motion.

Medicupping in San Diego

MediCupping utilizes advanced gradual decompression machines that offer customizable settings for strength, pulsation, and vibration. It is highly effective for targeting tense, tight, and painful muscles.
It not only helps alleviate painful trigger points and adhesions but also aids in restoring muscles and fascia, leading to faster healing of soft tissue dysfunction.
MediCupping often recommended by plastic surgeons before liposuction procedure to treat lipedema.

moxibustion treatments

Moxibustion and infrared heat are therapeutic methods used in traditional Chinese medicine and are often used in conjunction with acupuncture.
It is commonly used for various conditions such as infertility, indigestion, and colds.
Additionally, moxibustion and infrared heat therapy are beneficial for post-traumatic recovery, boosting immunity, alleviating arthritis symptoms, and addressing pain in frozen shoulder and joints.

We specialize in apparat cupping massage.
In addition to our acupuncture and cupping sessions, we can add Samurai, Shiatsu, Hot stone, Gua Sha, Vacuum cupping, or Tui Na massage at no charge.


Auriculotherapy, is a form of acupuncture that focuses on stimulating specific points on the external ear.
For this type of treatment pressure point stimulating patches or micro-needles used.
Great for morning/motion sickness, weight loss and appetite control, insomnia, anxiety, stress and pains.
We use NADA auricular protocol for alcohol and tobacco addiction.

Myofascial decompression in San Diego

A gentle alternative to classic cupping. For gradual myofascial decompression, we use specific machines that allow us to create certain strengths and amplitudes for maximum comfort. This type of cupping does not leave classic cupping marks.
Great for muscle tension and pain, stress, improves blood and lymphatic circulation.


In our Herbal Pharmacy we have a large variety of Medicinal Herbs: pills, granules, raw herbs, kits to make your own medicinal wines, and spirits and teas. We also offer compound herbal formulas, designed specifically for your needs. Plasters, creams, oils, and herbal bath salts are also available for body pains and speedy recovery.
We use only top-quality herbs and herbal formulas. Herbal consultations available upon request.

cupping therapy

Glass, Bamboo, Magnetic, Ceramic, and Fire Dragon Cupping are all used for pains, digestive issues, cough and cold, immunity boosts, fibromyalgia, stress, insomnia, TMJ pain, Bell’s Palsy, full body detox, etc.


Acupuncture provides a safe, highly effective, chemical-free method to initiate your body’s self-healing abilities by stimulating production on neurotransmitters and kinins.
It’s been proven to treat sciatica and neck pain, reduce anxiety and chronic pains, migraines, digestive issues, arthritis, reduce cravings for tobacco and alcohol, boost immunity and improve general well being.

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